Here at Fillipe Montenegro Web Presence we value trust and ethics a lot, so even if something is not explicitly written here you can still expect us to be fair on any given case. That said, what we have described below should cover most of the cases and will give you an idea of what to expect. If you have questions about anything you see (or don’t see) here, please feel free to contact us.

By ordering from Fillipe Montenegro Web Presence you agree that we are not responsible for the personal information (names, images, contact, statements, rights, etc.) you put on your website/blog/page/shop or that you hire us to put on your website/blog/page/shop. Basic safety precautions should be taken with all online information.


Unless explicitly asked by you, we will never share your contact information with anybody for any reason. We also hold your log-in information strictly confidential (in a encrypted virtual vault). If you’re concerned about sharing your password, you can change it temporarily then change it back when we are done (we actually rather you do this every time).

For further information on privacy and GDPR compliance please check our Privacy Policy and Privacy Tool pages.


Payments are accepted via PayPal (might incur in a 5% fee) or Bank Transfer. Payment in full is required to begin your design. We bill by the hour for non-package purchases (please check the services page) according to our services fee tables or pre-stablished fees.


Due to the nature of the services we provide, we do not offer refunds or credits for any reason. In the event that you cancel your order or project, you will lose your deposit and your payment in full.


Minor revisions are included, as many as included in our services page, as long as it is not excessive. If we have to revise something more than once, or if you change your mind about something that you have specifically asked us to do previously (changes in typography, copy, images, etc) you will incur a fee based on the amount of time it will take us to make the changes.

Any revisions after your website/blog/page/shop is in production (meaning it is “installed”) will be billed according to our extra fees.

Forms, Design Process and Project Management

After your order has been processed, you will be added to our project management solution where all aspects of the project will be centralized and you will be able to follow development. When filling out our forms, please be as specific as possible and try to submit all the information we’ll need to design your website/blog/page/shop up front (copy, images, titles, URL’s for links, brand preferences, etc.).

If you have some specific requirements for your project, please let us know when you fill your order form. If you’re not quite sure what you want or need, we also offer consulting services to help you find the best solution. If you have filled out the form thoroughly there should not be a need for excessive revisions. Whatever is not mentioned or is open for interpretation will be developed as we believe is best. Information/requests submitted after the project is started may result in additional charges.

Your website/blog/page/shop will be designed on a stage server and will only move to production after it’s approved. You will receive access to it to follow up development. Also please inform us in advance if you need to make any changes to your website/blog/page/shop so there’s not conflict while we are deploying (installing) your new solution.

Design Schedule

The time frame for completing each project depends on how thoroughly you’ve completed our order forms and how quickly you respond with relevant information as requested through our project management solution. You should have beforehand an estimate of when your project should be ready. Please note that the schedule depends on how quickly you answer our inquiries on the project management solution.

Design Development/Completion

Please check the project management solution and your contact e-mail often as requests with no response for 2 weeks will be considered abandoned and no refunds/credits will be given. In the event that you fail to return respond correspondence within 2 weeks with regards to project completion or design implementation, all payments received by you will be forfeited and the project will be cancelled without notice. Effective communication is imperative to a timely delivery of your project.


All material created by Fillipe Montenegro Web Presence is protected by International Copyright Treaties such as the Berne Convention and the Buenos Aires Convention. No part of any website/blog/page/shop design may be altered, copied, or resold for any reason. The graphics we create on your behalf are intended to be used only within your website/blog/page/shop and may not be used for any other purpose without written permission.


A credit link will be added to your website. It will link back to Fillipe Montenegro Web Presence’s website. That information is required to remain on your website/blog/page/shop as long as you are using the design one by us. If you remove the credit link, you also agree to remove every part of your design created by Fillipe Montenegro Web Presence.

After Installation

After your custom design has been installed, we will take a screen shot of it to be used in our design portfolio. We will also might announce your custom design on our social networking platforms, which may help to drive additional traffic to your website. We would greatly appreciate it if you would write up a testimonial, or announce on your website that you are a happy customer of Fillipe Montenegro Web Presence.

Policies and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.